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Alice comes out of the big building that is very large and makes her feel small, she looks around and see’s 12 yellow brown taxis abandoned, 7 cars with slight rust around the rims as if no one cares for them, 4 small children’s bikes, she see’s a zombie, covered in blood and guts, gross with old rotting body parts, the stench is enough to kill small animals within a few metres, blood dripping from every part of his body, it starts moving towards her first slowly then faster then into a full out run into a sprint into a run for your life. 


Big Bang theory- 7:30 pm

30 min (comedy)
– Ctv/bell media
– dancing with the stars (Ctv)
-natural selections maple leaf, meats
-Ontario health care options
-ford 120 hour sale drive on many cars
-chasing mavericks, movie trailer
-engineering technology, st. Clair college
00:35 back to episode
Mine commercial during screening if episode, dancing with the stars and anger management(Ctv)
00:44 –
– crest pro health dentist approved
-Kleenex, Canada’s softest tissue
– Canadian action plan
– Tylenol extra strength
– falls view casino Niagara Falls
00:47 back to episode
Commercial on screen during episode, dancing with the stars and the new normal
-arrow, new series, wed at 8
-magic mike, Blu ray combo pack
-ford, ford escape
-van houtte coffee
-mega dice lotto
-Jennifer garner, neutragena make up remover
-sick kids lottery
00:58 back to episode
Story: Sheldon has to keep a secret for penny and it drives him to the point of moving out. He stays with raj and Howard, they send him home after drinking drugged milk. He then tells Lenard the secret. Lenard suggests penny go back to school to graduate.
Turn 1: penny tells Sheldon he has to keep it a secret.
Turn 2: Sheldon moves out to avoid telling Lenard.
Heroes way: Sheldon gets drugged into telling Lenard.


The Resurrection


My two movies are Resident Evil and Being John Malkovich, my sitcoms name will


be The Resurrection.



Summary- John Malkovich has just passed away, everyone is in celebration. When


the evil Umbrella Corporation brings him back to life to torture the world with his


tortures humor. Alice and the rest of the survivors must try to survive through this,


as the recent dead are coming back to life and making theirs life’s a living hell.



First Episode- Opening to a huge party with a poster of John Malkovich in the


middle. The crowd is chanting, “He’s gone ohhh he’s gone” as they dance around.


Cuts to a man standing by a lever, he pulls the lever and the room lights up with


electricity. A curtain moves and a dead John Malkovich comes out and groans. “We


have brought you back to continue to torture the world with your humor. “  They


release him into downtown New York, within one hour of arriving Malkovich has


turned the city into a ghost town.  

Being John Malkovich- A puppeteer finds a portal that leads into the mind of a movie star, that movie star being John Malkoivch

Resident Evil- A Special Ops unit must fight off a hoard of scientists who have turned into flesh eating zombie.

In the Eyes of the Dead- A man fighting for survival in a zombie apocalypse, discovers how to get into the mind of a zombie, and the revelations that follow are very interesting.

A man trying to survive in a zombie infected world is trying to find a way to survive and conquer this disease. He finds a secret portal into the mind of the head Zombie and he understands why the zombies are doing what they are doing. When he returns through the portal he is a changed man and tries to learn to deal with what is the inevitable future of man-kind.

Rapper Name: Nic the Hic

Album Name: Everything is bigger in the south

Lyrics: Y’all this is the best beat you will ever hear

Let it caress your ear              

As we sit back and have a beer

This is my first time writing a review for a film, I chose to write a review after seeing the movie Jurassic Park. This movie was made in 1993 and directed by Steven spielberg, it takes us to a mysterious island were scientist are testing cloning dinosaurs. They plan to open an amusement park and have the dinosaurs be the attractions. A few archeologists and the grand kids of one of the scientist get to take the tour early. Unfortunately during there tour one of the scientists attempts to steal what is needed to clone the dinosaurs, in so releasing all the dinosaurs from their protective cages. The dinosaurs reek  havoc on the tourists as they make there way threw the tour unaware of what’s happened else where. The absolute best part of this movie is the CG, the dinosaurs look unremarkably realistic and make you feel like there are dinosaurs somewhere on this planet. The tourists have to fight there way threw their tour to get to what they hope is safety, it becomes harder and harder as the dinosaurs take over more and more of the island. I wont spoiler the ending because to truly enjoy this mociw you have to watch it and enjoy it. This movie is a breathtaking experience and will blow people’s minds with realism and fear. Jurassic Park is a classic film that I believe deserves much better ratings on movie sites. Spielberg leaves us speechless as usual.

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