The Resurrection


My two movies are Resident Evil and Being John Malkovich, my sitcoms name will


be The Resurrection.



Summary- John Malkovich has just passed away, everyone is in celebration. When


the evil Umbrella Corporation brings him back to life to torture the world with his


tortures humor. Alice and the rest of the survivors must try to survive through this,


as the recent dead are coming back to life and making theirs life’s a living hell.



First Episode- Opening to a huge party with a poster of John Malkovich in the


middle. The crowd is chanting, “He’s gone ohhh he’s gone” as they dance around.


Cuts to a man standing by a lever, he pulls the lever and the room lights up with


electricity. A curtain moves and a dead John Malkovich comes out and groans. “We


have brought you back to continue to torture the world with your humor. “  They


release him into downtown New York, within one hour of arriving Malkovich has


turned the city into a ghost town.