This is my first time writing a review for a film, I chose to write a review after seeing the movie Jurassic Park. This movie was made in 1993 and directed by Steven spielberg, it takes us to a mysterious island were scientist are testing cloning dinosaurs. They plan to open an amusement park and have the dinosaurs be the attractions. A few archeologists and the grand kids of one of the scientist get to take the tour early. Unfortunately during there tour one of the scientists attempts to steal what is needed to clone the dinosaurs, in so releasing all the dinosaurs from their protective cages. The dinosaurs reek  havoc on the tourists as they make there way threw the tour unaware of what’s happened else where. The absolute best part of this movie is the CG, the dinosaurs look unremarkably realistic and make you feel like there are dinosaurs somewhere on this planet. The tourists have to fight there way threw their tour to get to what they hope is safety, it becomes harder and harder as the dinosaurs take over more and more of the island. I wont spoiler the ending because to truly enjoy this mociw you have to watch it and enjoy it. This movie is a breathtaking experience and will blow people’s minds with realism and fear. Jurassic Park is a classic film that I believe deserves much better ratings on movie sites. Spielberg leaves us speechless as usual.